Lleyn sheep for sale

Here is a video of the 2020 Shearling Lleyn rams. Remember these are grass fed only. They might not look as fat as a ram sold at auction but that is to your advantage. They will not melt or develop health issues and they will serve many females. So the cost per ewe served will be lowered. You should be buying genetics not cosmetics. You want sexual athletes not couch potatoes. Their associated figures are their most important attribute, you cannot see 98% of what you want to buy.  



I advise multiple ram buyers to stick to one breed line so that if you like what I am doing and come back it allows for a greater selection of rams in the future.

Here is a list of  shearling rams that are for sale this year 2020. If you click on the ear tag number you will bring the animals details up on Signetdata.com where you can see the ebvs in a bar chart format and see the animals pedigree. For any advice or assistance on 07970 773840. Remember I can control you inbreeding through my computer software if you are a repeat buyer. 

As the figures can change on any of the 4 Lleyn runs I have put the identity and linked it. The animals are in descending index value. If you would like a list of animals arranged by sire I can email you one.

Lleyn shearling rams for sale 2020

Ear tag No column 1                       Ear tag No column 2          Ear tag No column 3          Ear tag No column 4

Sold                                                 Sold                                     UK 0 364389 14586         Sold

Sold                                                 Sold                                     Sold                                 UK 0 364389 14791

Sold                                                 Sold                                     Sold                                 Sold

Sold                                                 Sold                                     Sold                                 Sold

Sold                                                 Sold                                      UK 0 364389 14577        Sold

Sold                                                Sold                                      Sold                                 Sold

Sold                                                Sold                                      Sold                                  UK 0 364389 14554

Sold                                                 Sold                                     Sold                                  Sold

Sold                                                 Sold                                     Sold                                  Sold

 Sold                                                UK 0 364389 11675            Sold                                  UK 0 364389 14756


                                                                                                                                             UK 0 364389 14737     

Lleyn four tooth rams 2018 born