Performance Lleyn sheep for sale from the heart of the South West


We are the UK's No 1 performing Lleyn flock.


Our aim at Performance Lleyns is to provide Lleyn sheep for sale to the commercially minded farmer and breeder who expects the best possible performance from a maternal sheep, which are as capable of breeding female replacements as producing fat lamb.

We breed exclusively for commercial performance and are not hamstrung by cosmetic considerations and breed descriptions. There are a growing numbers of like-minded breeders, which is giving critical mass to this breeding ethos within the breed, and we believe Performance Lleyns is at the forefront of this movement.

We aim to use performance recording with the technological and computation skills of Signet, along with the latest breeding technologies as they arrive, to enhance the commercial characteristics of our Lleyns to give you performance sheep at an economically attractive price. We do not register our sheep with the Lleyn society as this would restrict our ability to make genetic progress and compromise our breeding ethos. It also means that the cream of our genetics are available to the commercial sheep farmer. We have as much depth of breeding as our pedigree cousins, but we want to offer you more value for money than if you bought a Lleyn from a pedigree breeder who will have a multi-tiered price system and will not give you the choice of all their sheep that are for sale.

Here is a graph that compares our progress against the rest of the recorded Lleyn population.

Lleyn sheep for sale.

The above image demonstrates the progress we have made measured by overall  average index of our flock as compared to the recorded breed average.

This is published by Signet who are financed out of general industry levy and are fiercely independent.

Our progress is nothing short of exceptional. So its up to you to take advantage of our genetic progress which is second to none in the breed.