Latest News from the farm...

14 Nov
We won! A demonstration of our pursuit of excellence in breeding sheep for better performance.
02 Nov
Me and my wife are going to the South West Farmer awards 2017 tonight the 2nd November. Performancelleyns has been nominated for the  south west sheep farmer of the year. We hope we ar...
28 Aug
Rams are being sold now. If you haven't come and chosen your tup or tups now is the time to organize a visit, or failing that, expressing an interest so as to avoid disappointment. 
07 Jul
We were present at this years NSA Sheep South West. Seeing existing customers and new customers alike. A lovely day, but very hot in the tent for people and sheep.
17 May
We attended Welsh Sheep for the first time (16.05.2017). It was a jolly good day and we met many people, who we hope will become new customers. Many thanks to those who visited our stand an...
05 May
New ebvs have been released for the Lleyn breed and reflect the hard work and expense we have been putting into recording the extra data required. We now have, subject to accuracy levels,...
12 Jan
We had to scan earlier this year as we had to change scanner. Our old pregnancy diagnosis scanner, who was very good, retired. We hope we have found a good and equal replacement in John Garthwaite of...
24 Jul
There is now a near comprehensive body of information in the Lleyn sheep for sale section. It is now possible to see pictures of the actual Lleyn sheep that are for sale from the comfort of your ow...
08 Jun
Here is our NSA Sheep South 2016 stand. It was a good day. Were you there? If the answer is no we hope to see you at the Sheep event at Malvern.
01 May
The ewe lambs that have lambed appreciate a sunset but will it ever warm up?