PD Scanning done and the housed sheep now comfortable.

We had to scan earlier this year as we had to change scanner. Our old pregnancy diagnosis scanner, who was very good, retired. We hope we have found a good and equal replacement in John Garthwaite of Briarwood Farm, Torrington, North Devon.

We scanned the sheep just before Christmas and achieved very similar results to the last two years, except we had a few empties which may be due to environmental conditions. I have studied the empties list on the computer software (FarmIT) and there is no single factor involved,they are a random bunch. The empties have been around the 3% for many years but this year they jumped to around 5%. Needless to say they will not be around for long. Sheep do occasionally skip years, but that will only loose you money, cull them! One needs to put as much selective pressure on them as possible if they are to improve as quickly as possible.