Lleyn Rams for sale

 Shearling Lleyn rams for sale 2017.

Here are two videos showing the shearling rams for sale this season 2017. One is shot indoors and the other is shot outdoors. They are the same animals and the videos were taken 30 minutes apart.

Not every one can view video so if yo would like to see some stills of the group or individual animals ring,text or email me.

 Demand looks to be high so book early to give yourself maximum choice and avoid disappointment.

If you need any help with performance figure selection don't hesitate to ring on 07970 773840,

or visit Signet at http://www.signetfbc.co.uk/sheepbreeder/technical-information-sheep

All these Video and photos were taken on 20/07/2017. These rams will continue to grow and strengthen and are grass fed only.This means they will not "melt" when worked.